Gospel for Asia Loses More Support

Debbie Roy is a blogger who not only supported Gospel for Asia financially but also used her blog to promote the group.
No longer.
Yesterday, she revealed that she has stopped supporting the group and even repented that she had done so in the past.
A portion of her remorseful post:

I have only lately learned of these matters and I am so very sorry for any amount of money you may have lost on account of my endorsements. It is always a heart wrenching thing when a Christian organization which has had so much respect in the past, goes off the straight and narrow. Just today I have watched a few videos which confirm my decision, and I have repented of my support for GFA. You, of course, are free to do as you please, but I must be honest with you all. I do believe that God looks at our hearts, and before Him no donation is ever wasted. But we must choose wisely who handles the money God gives us to use for Him.

Go read the rest at Sistersreachout.com.
It is worth pointing out that the GFA web page which features bloggers for GFA is now empty.  No links to blogs can be found.
I was made aware of this blog by another former donor who I will write about in a future.