Tonight CBS 11 News Dallas Broadcast an Investigative Report about Gospel for Asia

The spot aired at 10pm cst and focused on invasive practices with staff, the cash smuggling to India, and the diversion of nearly $20 million from India to the construction of the Texas headquarters. A text version is here.

It was shocking to hear David Carroll say the loss of ECFA membership was due to minor infractions. He also told CBS News that GFA stopped sending cash to India when they learned it was illegal. That is not at all what they told their staff in May.
The teaser has been running all day according to Dallas area folks.
The Youtube caption reads:

The CBS 11 iTeam takes you inside a North Texas ministry that takes in millions of dollars of donations every year. Plus former members speak-out and their warning to you.

I will post a link to the segment as soon as it becomes available. The link to CBS 11 News is here.