Another Call for Participation in the Calvary Chapel – Gospel for Asia Survey

So far 64 people have participated in the survey of those affiliated with Calvary Chapel ministries regarding attitudes toward Gospel for Asia. I am leaving the survey open for awhile longer with the hope of gaining more participants.
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Twenty-four lead pastors have participated. Of the 24, only one respondent said his church supports GFA and has no plans to stop. Eleven said GFA was never supported, nine said support for GFA had ceased due to the recent revelations, three pastors said support stopped before the recent wave of problems surfaced. Those pastors indicated that they perceived problems prior to the recent set of disclosures and new stories. One pastor said support for GFA was being reconsidered and would probably cease.
Various reasons were given for stopping support. One response summarize the others:

Lack of GFA financial accountability including donated money not being accounted for; GFA not being truthful about how money is spent, who is in charge of money once it reaches India and how much actually goes to the field; GFA having students and others carry cash to India; how GFA staff and ex-staff have been and are being treated; that Believers Church runs GFA in India; that KP Yohannan is in charge of an Episcopal-style denomination that controls GFA India and that they are not up front about that.

Six of seven pastors who reached out to GFA for answers to questions said they were not satisfied with the answers received. One said GFA seemed open in response but the conclusions were at odds with the ECFA board’s action to vote GFA out of the organization.