David Barton: The Iran Treaty Requires the U.S. to Fight Those Who Attack Iran Even If Israel Attacks

David Barton, the leader of one of Ted Cruz’s Super PACs, said on his Wallbuilders Live show today that the Iran treaty requires the U.S. to fight anyone who attacks Iran. Barton is pretty sure Israel will do it so the Iran deal obligates the U.S. to fight with Israel. Say what?
Read and listen here.
Ok, readers who are up on the Iran treaty issue, what is this about? According to RWW, Trump first mentioned this and the State Dept denied it. However, we all know that some people won’t be satisfied by a simple denial.
Does anyone know what provision of the treaty Barton is talking about? Better yet, Mr. Barton, I know you read here, so tell us. Quote the provision. What is your source?
Here is the treaty. What page should I read to know what you know?