Some Smart People Think He's Coming Soon But Don't Set Dates: Gateway Church Teaches About the End Times

Lots of end times teaching these days. September seems to be an important month. Jimmie Evans is an apostolic elder at Gateway Church and he has had a lot to tell the flock there about the end time. Since Summer, he has had them all ready for the end but September is about over. In fact, a website he referred them too is now down, possibly because nothing’s happening.
Here’s an excerpt of one of the videos followed by the transcript where he points people to a date at the same time he says he isn’t setting a date.

But let’s look at another way we can prove it and that is by counting the years…If we’re in the end times and there are 6,000 years of human history followed by a thousand year millennial rule of Christ, we should be somewhere around the year 6,000. Let’s look at this in several ways. Let’s look at three calendars. First, let’s look at our Gregorian Calendar. This is the year 2015 on the Gregorian Calendar. We have a solar calendar and Israel has a lunar calendar well that’s 2015 AD. That’s since Jesus was killed. Well, how many years were there before Jesus? Well, thankfully in Luke chapter 3 there’s a genealogy that goes from Jesus to Adam. We know exactly how many generations were between Jesus and Adam and Bible scholars say there were 4,000 years in the Old Testament. So let’s do some deciphering. (Jimmy holds up 4 fingers then 2 more) Four plus two equals six. K. So If we’re supposed to be around the year 6,000, according to the Gregorian calendar we’re around the year 6,000. Give or take a few years.
Okay, Jewish civil calendar. K, the Jews have two calendars. The civil calendar and the religious calendar. According to the Jewish civil calendar this is the year 5,775. Now remember, they don’t have AD and BC. They just have from creation. So 5775 which would tell us that there’s 25 years left until 6000 comes. The only problem is there’s a lot of disputes about that calendar. And we know historically that there were changes made to it and a lot of Jews dispute 5775 being correct. But again, it’s close to 6000.
But there’s a Jewish religious calendar. The civil year of the Jews begins in the Fall, the religious calendar begins in the Spring. And there’s a group. I’m gonna tell you about this group and I’m gonna give you a disclaimer here in just a minute. These are Messianic Jews who don’t believe that the Jewish Civil Calendar is correct and they are very intelligent people and they have done exhaustive research trying to find out what year is this since creation. The actual year since creation that we’re living in. K, and they believe in the 7,000 year calendar of God. So they took scripture, history, science and astronomy not astrology, astronomy. And they took all of those things exhaustively and looked at what year it is. By the way, NASA has the lunar or all the activity of the moon for thousands of years. So scientifically you could, their calendar’s a lunar calendar. So they looked at the Bible, history, science and astronomy of all that’s happened and here’s what they believe. After all of their study, and this is on their website, they believe that they year 6000 ended in March of this year. They believe we are living in the year 6001, according to their religious calendar. And this is my disclaimer, they believe that Jesus is returning in September. So when you go to that website. I’m I’m giving you a warning that they write it down, they have the date that Jesus is going to return.
Listen, I don’t ever set dates for two reasons. First of all, when people set dates, people stop living their lives. Okay. The second thing is when that day comes and goes you get your ya know you get disappointed and become cynical. Cause I’ve lived to see a lot of dates set that people said Jesus is going to come on this date. Whenever someone tells me they know when Jesus is coming I always have the same answer, ‘I hope you’re right’. But I’m not going to live any differently just because you say you know when Jesus is coming. So this is a smart group of Jews. That they wanted to know what the right calendar is. They did exhaustive research. You can see their research on their website. And they believe we are living just after the end of the year 6000 and Jesus is about to return. I don’t set dates. But be ready whenever Jesus comes, okay.