David Barton's New Project: What is Keep the Promise Super PAC?

Bloomberg broke the story today that David Barton has been appointed to lead the umbrella Super PAC Keep the Promise. The PAC supports Ted Cruz but is structured in a curious manner. There are actually several PACs which supported Cruz, four of which named Keep the Promise. It is not completely clear to me that Barton will lead all of them.
In any event, what is known about the KtP family of Super PACs?
Ballotpedia appears to be a good source of information about them. Some highlights of that entry (which you should read) are:

  • Oil, gas and fracking interests figure prominently in the donor base. A combined $25 million went into the family of PACs from people who have interests in those sectors.
  • One of the PACs gave $500k┬áto a Super PAC which benefits Carly Fiorina.
  • Only 10 people are reported as giving money to these PACs. A very small group of people are providing Cruz with immense support.
  • One of the fracking donors is Farris Wilks who also pastors a church in Cisco, TX.

The FEC filing for the KtP PAC is here.
Want to donate? Here’s the pitch.
The Wilks brothers sound like they have attended a David Barton seminar. They are wasting their money preaching to the choir. People outside the bubble don’t buy it. They also run a church called Assembly of Yahweh which sounds like a 7th Day Adventist style church.
The amount of money to be spent in this election cycle is staggering and discouraging. So much will be spent and so little will be accomplished.