Gospel for Asia Changes Bridge of Hope Website, Raises More Questions

Yesterday, I posted the following image from Bridge of Hope’s Indian website (Bridge of Hope is Gospel for Asia’s child sponsorship program):
This was what was on the website as of late afternoon yesterday (see today’s Google cache for the page as it appeared on August 8).
Today, it looks like this:
Shades of Mars Hill Church¬†and Mars Hill Global! GFA won’t respond to questions from me but they will alter a website in an apparent response to my post. Mars Hill Church did the same thing when I pointed out issues related to solicitations for missions.
While the children one may sponsor do not appear to be the same on these pages, the program is the same. This new wording could still lead a reader to think only Indians are funding Indian children. According to figures I have seen, Americans donated about $14 million in 2012 toward BoH related work (the latest year I have available). Clearly, donations from sponsors outside of India are accepted for the BoH program. However, if one wants to sponsor a child and doesn’t live in India, one must go to the GFA BoH page to do so.
Given that American donors are putting so much money into this program, it seems¬†pointless to try to obscure it — if indeed that is what GFA intends by the answer to this frequently asked question.