Fact Checking Donald Trump's Criticism of John McCain

I like fact checking. I do a fair amount of it here on the blog (for example, yesterday) so I like to read fact checking articles on topics of interest. On such topic for me was Donald Trump’s criticism of John McCain’s record on veterans.
USA Today ran an article a couple of days ago fact checking Trump’s USA Today op-ed defending his criticism of McCain. I link to it here and recommend it to interested readers.
It takes a special kind of hubris to criticize a former POW. Trump is riding high now but he will not be the GOP nominee.
John McCain is up for reelection to the Senate and referred to Trump’s criticism indirectly in a recent support email:

My Friend – 

I’m not a hero, but the great honor of my life was to serve in the company of heroes. 

There is 
nothing that anyone can say to take that away. 

All those who went through the POW experience, and their families who are so proud of their service and sacrifice, deserve the utmost honor and respect. 
To denigrate them is offensive to all who have worn the uniform. 

Anyone who questions their service owes 
a sincere apology to these heroes and their families. 

I have always been proud to stand up for our nation’s veterans and active duty armed forces. They represent the best of our nation – our bravest and finest. America’s veterans need our support, and addressing their concerns will always be among my top priorities in the Senate. 

As I face a tough campaign for reelection, I need to know if I can count on your support. 

I agree. Trump should apologize.
Meanwhile, can there be any doubt that the biggest benefactor of the Trump phenomenon is Hillary Clinton? Trump is still leading the GOP field but it is early and he may suffer from his mouth.