Glenn Beck Says David Barton Has a PhD in Education

It certainly appears that Beck meant his remarks to be taken seriously. Watch:
The transcript of the interview is here with the relevant section below:

GLENN: Bless you too. David Barton. President of Wall Builders. You know, we should call him Dr. Barton. You know, he has his PhD I think in history and education. Too many people just dismiss him as — as — you know, oh, just some guy who thinks he knows history. No, he has his doctorate in hist…education and he’s a brilliant, brilliant man.

I have never heard that claim before. The only education I know about is a BA in religious education from Oral Roberts University. Barton’s bio doesn’t mention it. I am pretty sure we would have heard about that before now.
Perhaps Barton was off the phone, but I think he should correct the record now. If you listen to Beck and Barton, Mr. Barton has a PhD in education, played Division I basketball while in college on a record setting team, and translated for the Russian national gymnastics team.
I wonder if Barton also told the truth about chopping down a cherry tree.