The Village Church Apologized and Karen Hinkley Accepted and Forgave

So says Wartburg Watch.
You’ll remember this story once you start reading. You can get a summary in this prior post. Matt Chandler publicly called for people who had been hurt by TVC’s ideas about church discipline or in other ways to come to the leaders to reconcile.
Current statements from TVC and Karen Hinkley are at WW. Karen Hinkley says it is over for her.
TVC also referred Jordan Root to a specialist. As noted in a prior post, I endorse that move.
Now see Mars Hill executive elders, that wasn’t so hard.  The Petry family and the Meyer family (we could add other names as well) are still waiting on those phone calls and letters from you.  A bunch of your former pastors did a good thing last year.
Your turn.
Are you breathing and reading these words? That means it isn’t too late.