David Barton Hosts Kent Hovind on Wallbuilders Live

Today, David Barton’s Wallbuilders Live broadcast their interview with Kent Hovind.
There is a vigorous group of folks who have taken positions on Hovind’s crimes and I will be interested to read their comments about the interview.
Barton began by saying that people who do what Hovind did spend an average of 18 months in prison, if they spend any time there at all. Barton and Green think the length of his sentence is a red flag.
Hovind said he didn’t know any better, and he said the structuring law is stupid. He said he has paid every tax he owes. On this video,┬áhe says he hasn’t paid taxes in 28 years.
Barton links to freekenthovind.com; I encourage readers to also examine hovindology.com.