Is Mars Hill Church Launching 11 New Churches?

They say they are.
At least one of them (Bellevue) is supposed to be a Soma church replant. Despite the attempt at addressing questions of public interest, Jeff Vanderstelt and Soma have left questions about Mars Hill’s legacy unanswered.  I have asked Soma about the financial aspects of getting seed money from Mars Hill, as well as questions about transparency regarding the Global Fund with no answers as yet.
I am also getting emails from Soma church members around the country who are concerned about the arrangement. I have encouraged them to contact Soma Tacoma directly but have also sent their questions to Soma with hopes that the matters can be clarified. I will report here the answers or the silence.
There aren’t many days left for Mars Hill’s remaining leaders (elders and Board of Advisors and Accountability) to address the remaining unfinished business.