Mars Hill Bellevue Elders Will Remain in Place for Six Months Past Soma Transition

Yesterday, we heard from Jeff Vanderstelt about his move to Bellevue. Today we hear from Jason Skelton, pastor at Bellevue (now being referred to as “Eastside church”). Probably, the most interesting aspect of the communication is that the elders are committed to stay in place for six months. Vanderstelt said in his letter that the elders were willing to resign, but apparently that is not how it will happen. Somehow they will be assessed but the goal is to affirm each other (either oddly worded or an odd process of assessment).

From Pastor Jason Skelton:
Eastside Family,
Last month, we shared a schedule of Interest Meetings for the new Eastside church. The purpose of these meetings is to create a focused time to talk through vision, planning, and execution in specific ministry areas. We need your feedback and wisdom to set up God-honoring and people-loving ministries at our new church. In our last meeting, we had the opportunity to share with you information regarding location, describe what financial transparency will look like in the future, and share a draft of our bylaws for the new church. We had over 100 people attend and are grateful for your support.
In our Interest Meeting this Sunday, December 7th, we’ll be focusing on community groups and discipleship. Jeff Vanderstelt, whom we have presented as a candidate for our new Lead Teaching Pastor, will be with us talking through his vision for community and discipleship. If you’re interested in what community groups will look like, or have questions and feedback on how we can improve our discipleship going forward, please join us this Sunday at 12:30p. Jeff will also be preaching at all of our services on December 7th (8:30a, 10:30a, and 4:00p).
If you’re more interested in other aspects of ministry, we will also have Interest Meetings upcoming for the following:
December 9, 5-8p – Potluck dinner at the Sammamish church building (anyone is welcome)
Thursday December 11, 11:45am – 1:00pm – Lunch in the Redmond area (anyone is welcome, more details coming soon)
December 14, 12:30p – Interest Meetings, on the topic of Sunday Volunteer Teams and service opportunities
December 21, 12:30p – Interest Meetings, on the topic of Ministries (Counseling, Kids, Students, etc.)
Lastly, we would also encourage you to read through Jeff’s recent post regarding the prayerful consideration of his move to serve at this new Eastside church. We had the opportunity to share this information at our Interest Meeting last Sunday but felt that it was important to also present it publicly, from Jeff. We hope to have clarity on this decision by December 14th, making an announcement no later than December 21st.
We present Jeff to serve as one of your elders because we believe that he can lead us as we all follow Jesus together to become a healthy church. We are praying for great unity about this decision across the church family, and that with one voice we would be able to affirm Jeff into the new role this month. Along with Jeff the elders from Bellevue and Sammamish will partner in ministry and submit to a new assessment of our qualifications for eldership. We have committed that we will serve together over the next six months, with the goal that we would all be able to affirm one another’s qualification and calling to the role of elder in the new church moving forward. That process will include opportunities for the congregation to provide feedback as we serve and worship together.
We are here because we love you, and because we want to be here. There is much joy in serving God’s people, and to serve you here has proven this to be abundantly true.
In Christ,
Pastor Jason

Via email, I am hearing from Bellevue members who are considering a move but are hoping that the church will release information regarding the Global Fund and the overall financial picture. Former members who might consider a move back to Bellevue if the current elders step down will probably be disappointed with this note, after being somewhat encouraged yesterday.