Source: Mars Hill Bellevue Negotiating to Hire Preaching Pastor

A current Mars Hill pastor informed me that Bellevue Church (Mars Hill Bellevue) has been in intense negotiations with an individual to become preaching pastor of the church. These talks were taking place yesterday. Initially, the elders there (led by Matt Rogers) offered the job to current executive elder Dave Bruskas. Bruskas may do some preaching at Bellevue in the next few weeks, but his future is in Albuquerque where he has taken the same position at his old church.
While it may be a coincidence, there is some speculation around Bellevue that Mark Driscoll may be involved in the process of securing a preaching pastor. According to a trusted source, Driscoll was spotted at Bellevue yesterday with his assistant Frank Park.
In any event, Bellevue’s choice will provide a glimpse into the direction of a location closely following the Mars Hill legacy. For awhile, Bellevue’s moves will be of interest to those who want to follow the fall out of Mars Hill’s implosion. More broadly, this situation provides a rare opportunity to study the effects of the demise of a large multi-site church. Will the DNA of Mars Hill be replicated in the legacy churches or will they find their own identity?