Mars Hill Fallout: Corban University Looking for New Location to Provide Education in Seattle

With the closing of Mars Hill Church, the partnership between the church and Corban University will also cease on December 31, 2014. After Mark Driscoll resigned on October 15, the school communicated to various stakeholders that the school would continue to provide education for the 18 students enrolled. Even with the closing of the church, the school intends to find a way to provide the courses scheduled. The school is actively searching for another location which would allow the students to finish their Spring schedule before transitioning to the Salem, OR campus.
The short-lived partnership has been tumultuous from the start. Corban representatives signed a contract in November 2013 just as Janet Mefferd’s plagiarism allegations were gaining traction in Christian media. Corban was one of four schools hoping to get the contract. I don’t know who the others are but they may be breathing a sigh of relief since the time since November 2013 has been filled with regular revelations of questionable practices among leaders at the church.
In August 2014, Corban’s leaders formed an Ad Hoc Committee of administrators and trustees to study the situation. In September, the school’s trustees decided to maintain their commitments to students while Mars Hill engage in the process of handling allegations against Driscoll. They also indicated in their September statement that they would engage in due diligence regarding Driscoll. Eventually someone decided not to have Driscoll teach at Corban in contrast to the originally planned schedule.