Are Changes Coming to Mars Hill Church?

Within the past two days, some members are being assured by the Mars Hill Church elders that greater transparency is coming to the church. One intriguing claim is that the Board of Advisors and Accountability is soon to be dissolved. An announcement to that effect is planned to come out soon, perhaps today. According to the members who related this to me, pastors are talking openly about this without restriction.
In addition, plans are in the works to open Mars Hill’s financial records. Perhaps, the public will get a look at the real Global Fund situation. Maybe the members will at last learn how tithes and offerings have been and are being used. I suspect there will be a multitude of questions which various stakeholders will ask.
A suggestion. Don’t gloss over the issues which have been raised. For instance, where the public has been misled in the past, correct the record. Calculate how much funding should go to Ethiopian and Indian mission work, and provide that level of funding.
If this isn’t the case, believe me, I will be back to correct any false impressions created here.
I hope I soon get to write some stories of redemption and repair.