Some Observations on the Mars Hill Church Weekly

As usual on Friday, news about Mars Hill Church was posted on the website. Nothing earth shattering was shared but some items caught my eye.
First, I note that Mars Hill Downtown campus is having a celebration (and a moving party). However, I saw nothing about a similar party at the University District location. U-District’s pastor Drew Hensley was one of the signers of “the Letter” whereas the downtown location pastors did not sign it. Now perhaps, U-District didn’t want to have a party, I don’t know, but the lack of mention is noticeable.
Second, there is more news about Mars Hill Phoenix becoming Phoenix Bible Church. The fledgling congregation has found a place to meet on Sunday.
Third, Sutton Turner is pictured in the report getting a farewell laying on of hands. For his part, Turner seems to want distance. His Linked In Profile now refers to Mars Hill Church as a “non-profit organization.” In the description (not shown), he doesn’t mention Mars Hill Church. He says he was chief operating officer for a non-profit organization with 15 sites, in 5 states serving the needs of 13,000 people. It doesn’t appear that he is seeking ministry jobs.
Mars Hill Church members: Wouldn’t you like to know what Matt Rogers told the staff on behalf of the Board of Advisors and Accountability?