Will Mars Hill Church Heed Sutton Turner's Advice?

Yesterday, I posted a must read 2012 memo from Sutton Turner to his fellow executive elders. The memo described a serious financial crisis at the time with tentacles that have grown into a worse situation today. In the document, Turner provided suggestions, some of which he set in motion at the time. Note:
In the second item above, Turner said he would revised the budget of each church for the rest of the fiscal year. He said, “This will cut back their staff spending and staff payroll.” What other meaning can this have but that salaries would be cut or raises not given? At the time Turner did not anticipate layoffs within the 2012 fiscal year. However, did he cut pay?
This seems interesting in the light of the recent drastic layoffs at Mars Hill Church. Clearly, the church is now in dire shape. Lay offs have come, but will salary reductions follow? It is striking in this memo, given the level of pain Turner was about to unleash, that he did not mention executive salaries. And during the recent distress, there has been no indication that executive and other high level employees are experiencing similar repercussions. If this is happening, it seems highly likely that the leaders would make the congregation aware of it.
One of the wisest things written in the 2012 memo was this:

It is my belief that the reason we have such poor giving by our Church is the lack of stewardship in the Church staff. Churches with excellent stewardship see greater giving because people know that every dollar they give will go towards the mission of the Church. It is very clear this has not been the case at Mars Hill Church.

There is much they could do today to follow this principle and enlighten members. Will Mars Hill Church heed this advice?