Matt Chandler: No Fall Out From Decision to Remove Mark Driscoll From Acts 29 Network

Apparently the Acts 29 Network isn’t feeling any ill effects of their decision to remove Mars Hill Church and Mark Driscoll from membership. At least that is what Matt Chandler told an Australian publication last week. The bold print is a question from the Eternity newspaper. Chandler’s response follows.

What impact will this have to the movement, do you think. There will be many for whom Mark Driscoll was a mentor, someone to look up to. What’s the fall out from that?

At this point, we haven’t really had any fall out. I think guys have grieved, they’ve seen Mark as a great influence, they continue to be grateful to God for Mark’s influence in their lives but also could see that some action needed to be taken. And so, they’ve had questions and we’ve tried to answer those as best we could. There hasn’t been a massive fall out.
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