Is Mark Driscoll Poised to Take a Break from Mars Hill Church? (UPDATED)

Pretty sure now that Mark Driscoll won’t be announcing a fund raising campaign for 10700 Northrup Way. This announcement was just posted on Mars Hill Church’s social media website:

Important Announcement from Pastor Mark Tomorrow I just returned from our all elder retreat and wanted to give you a heads up about church tomorrow. This is a difficult season, but I am encouraged by what Jesus is teaching us through it and about next steps for our church. As part of next steps, there will be an important announcement from Pastor Mark tomorrow so I would really like all of you to be at church if possible. I love Pastor Mark and I’m thankful for him. I love you and want to care for and shepherd you well. Please spend some time praying for Pastor Mark, your local leaders in PHX, and for our church. I’ll be available before and after services and would love to answer any questions you may have. For Jesus’ fame, Pastor Tim Birdwell

This is a little more somber than the festive description of tomorrow’s service on the Mars Hill website. This is looking like a sabbatical or some bigger change. UPDATE (8/24): Late last night a commenter said:

Mark is stepping down for an indeterminate period of time while the board of elders review the formal charges against him. He recorded a message that will play to all of the Mars Hill Churches tomorrow. He isn’t resigning permanently.

Executive Elder Dave Bruskas will be preaching the rest of the 1 John Series. Also, several high profile Mars Hill Elders are about to resign.

I have reason to believe this is a pretty accurate account of what is going to be announced this morning at Mars Hill Church.

Watch for more information later this morning.