Mark Driscoll to Make Big Announcement on Sunday

Several sources (current Mars Hill members, current pastors) have informed me that church pastors are telling members of the congregation that Mark Driscoll plans to make a “big announcement” on Sunday, August 24. The community groups have been informed to watch for it but there is nothing specific about the announcement as yet.
The month of August has been difficult for Mars Hill and Driscoll. Among other items, two church board members resigned, Acts 29 Network removed Driscoll and the church from membership, several groups have canceled appearances by Driscoll, and 21 former pastors filed charges against him with the allegation that Driscoll has disqualified himself as a pastor.
Based on the calls to resign, some have speculated that his announcement will be to take a sabbatical. Other speculation revolves around the church governance. Perhaps, the church will return governance to the council of elders as opposed to the Board of Advisors and Accountability.
The Stranger’s blog has some speculation and a poll you can take to vote for what you think Driscoll will announce.
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