More Evidence That Mars Hill Global Was About International Missions from 2012-2014

At one time, Mars Hill Global was a platform for people to give to Resurgence,Mars Hill Church and Acts 29 Network. However, by August 2012, the branding had changed as the materials below demonstrate. The means to give to all three was changed to The Connect Desk and Mars Hill Global became the ministry to provide for “church planters internationally.”
Currently, Mars Hill Church has declined to provide me with information about their use of Mars Hill Global donations for FY 2013 and the months up through the end of April. This period of time is relevant because Mars Hill changed the way they marketed Mars Hill Global early in FY 2013 (calendar year 2012). In August 2012, this notice was placed on the domain

current webpage (soon to be removed I suspect but I have a copy) on explains what happened.

The 2013 Annual Report reinforced this change by only reporting international mission accomplishments.

Up until May 2014, a donor could give to a Global Fund which was tied to the Mars Hill Global website, which was tied to numerous videos of efforts in Ethiopia and India. Only recently, after my reporting on this subject, have we learned that the Global Fund helped pay for the down payment and start up costs for Mars Hill Everett and other franchises.