Ex-Mars Hill Member's Facebook Group Continues to Grow

Just noticed this afternoon that the Repeal the bylaws– exonerate pastors Petry & Meyer Facebook group has now gone over 200 members.
The purpose of the open group is:

…to engage each other is a constructive way that ultimately leads the Mars Hill leaders, members, ex-members (like myself) and donors to revisit 2006 and see the destruction caused by the carefully and timely executed firing and trials of Paul Petry and Bent Meyer.
Failing to revisit this means that any repentance and reconciliation that we see leaves intact the current form of governance that has no accountability at all and allows abuse and harm to continue.
*This group is primarily meant for current and former Mars Hill members, but people not from there are welcome. Whoever you are though, please do keep your posts focused on seeking righteousness and reconciliation at Mars Hill.

While there are a number of themes which unite former Mars Hill leaders and members, the exoneration of Paul Petry and Bent Meyer seems to be a prominent one. For much, much more on that story, see Joyful Exiles, and  this recent post by Bent Meyer on his view of Mark Driscoll.
A quick review of the site indicates that members of the group may be getting together in person to renew friendships and perhaps to plan for additional actions to press their case.
As noted previously, the bylaws change in 2007 was a pivotal event in Mars Hill’s history that signaled a change from elder led governance to the more corporate-style governance of today’s Mars Hill.