No Glenn Beck World Shattering Announcement: Will it Come Monday and Will Beck's Fans Be Listening?

I must confess, I like watching the reaction of fans and true believers to promises made by leaders of movements and religious groups. Similar to the findings of Festinger’s book When Prophecy Fails, some people get more protective of the leader and work a little harder to bring people into the fold. And it appears that some are doing that in response to the lack of big news promised by Glenn Beck two days ago. See this post for the background.
There has been lots of activity on Twitter wondering when Beck will announce the power structure destroying news. Some fans are taking vague responses as a clue that the answer will come Monday. For instance:

The answer from Beck’s twitter account is: MONDAYmLee which could mean the news will drop Monday via an interview with Senator Mike Lee (R-UT). Who knows?
Others are getting fed up.

It all kind of reminds me of The Great Pumpkin:

UPDATE: This blogger says Beck was set up by RWW’s editing. I see the editing but I don’t see how it changes the meaning. It is not clear from the clip what Beck is referring to.