Spokesman Says Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill Will Not Be Debated Today UPDATE – NTV Report: Committee Endorses Life in Prison

According to spokesman Nsimbe Kassim, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is still in committee and will not be debated today. Kassim told me that the report from the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee will not come before Parliament today but will probably come up next week.  The main business today is more work on the bills relating to the oil industry in Uganda. According to yesterday’s agenda, Parliament must get through two Petroleum Bills, the Accountants Bill, a resolution to encourage a bail out of a steel mill and consideration of a report on the energy sector before debate on the anti-gay bill.

UPDATE: In the category of “I’ll believe it when I see it” is this report from the BBC.  In May 2011, MPs said the death penalty had been dropped when in fact it was still in the bill.

UPDATE: This NTV report lends some credibility to the BBC story above. Committee chair Stephen Tashobya is quoted as saying the report is complete and others speaking off camera say that the penalty for “aggravated homosexuality” will now be life in prison. This report indicates that action on the bill will take place next week.