High school student opposed to homosexuality will not have negative mark on record

Dakota Ary a Fort Worth area high school student wants an apology from the school district after he was removed from class for a negative comment about homosexuality.
The school is investigating but the media reports have the boy making an offhand comment to another student proclaiming his Christianity and saying he thought homosexuality was wrong. The classroom teacher overheard the remark and sent the boy from class.
If it turns out that the boy was expressing his views in response to a discussion about religion and homosexuality, then I suspect he will not be disciplined and may get his apology. If he was inciting an incident then the situation becomes more complex.
Addtional thoughts: I went back to the first report I could find on this story which comes from an NBC affiliate in the Fort Worth area. The discussion in class was about religions, Bibles and Germany and the discipline referral form quotes him as saying: “no gays allowed in Christianity.”
According the Fort Worth report, the form also said that “the comment was unprovoked and out of context.” The form also said, “It is wrong to make such a statement in public school.”
The school is not commenting so I do not think we can evaluate the situation at this point. According the Liberty Counsel (the same group who falsely said that the AACC is larger than the APA), another student asked how to say lesbian in German. At that point, according to Liberty Counsel, Ary told another student that homosexuality is wrong.
If that narrative is accurate, then I believe the boy’s statement would have been in relation to something else taking place and apparently intended to stay between him and the other student. A teacher should focus the conversation back to the topic. However, if the statement was brought up without provocation and seemed to the teacher to inflame, then a teacher would be correct to address it, albeit in a less dramatic manner.
The school district is not talking but they have relented on the severity of the punishment according to this report from the LA Times.