MTV's True Life features sexual reorientation

In a reality TV format, Thursday’s MTV’s True Life featured two young people, a man and a woman, who are attempting to change their sexual orientation.
Both Melanie and Kevin describe ongoing struggles with their feelings of attraction to others of the same sex. It is interesting to hear friends and family speak in favor and opposition to being gay. The pressure seems to run both ways, for and against affirming gay identification. Both people seem to acknowledge that their attractions are a part of them but they are moving behaviorally to an adjustment they seek.
I would say that the male, Kevin, is more in line with an Exodus model of seeing same-sex attraction as a spiritual struggle. His therapist, Mitch Whitman, operates as a Christian counselor, speaking of same-sex attraction as temptations. Kevin describes a frequent theme that his life was a mess and saw his homosexuality as the cause of that.
I don’t know if these episodes will be online, but others are which may signal that these will be soon. On balance, I suspect that change ministries will see these segments as more friendly to their perspective than will gay advocates.