Christian groups urged to do more on bullying prevention

Last week, the Obama administration focused on bullying prevention in a series of events. All week I intended to write about it and one thing or another got in the way so I was pleased that the Christian Post put up an article on the topic.

As I noted in the article, the attention to the issue has waned since the Fall. I believe that will change shortly as the Day of Silence and the Day of Dialogue are coming in April.

Andrew Marin, founder of the Marin Foundation, is quoted here:

His Golden Rule Pledge website provides resources for bullying prevention to churches. Since bully victims had made news, Throckmorton said that churches from all groups began showing interest. Still, more interest needs to shown, he said.

Andrew Marin, president of the Marin Foundation, agrees. His organization attempts to build bridges between evangelicals and the homosexual community.

Marin laments that some youth groups simply focus on entertaining youth rather than taking on difficult issues such as how to deal with bullying and homosexuality. “We need people in church to be bold enough to stand up and to say ‘no’ [to bullying],” he said.

Marin recently revamped the whole website and added a page on youth resources which is heavy on bullying prevention. You will see the Golden Rule Pledge featured there.

With the Day of Silence and Day of Dialogue coming, the Golden Rule Pledge will be active as well advocating for nothing more than treating others well and an end to bullying. Take the Golden Rule Pledge survey here.