Pakistan’s PM: We are not going to amend blasphemy laws

So says CNN.

This is very disappointing news. The President and other leaders were leaning toward a pardon back in November of 2010. More recently, in light of the assassination of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, the government has sought to placate Pakistani Islamic hard right.

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) — Pakistan’s prime minister pledged on Monday the government will not change the country’s controversial blasphemy laws.

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s announcement comes amid growing pressure from hard-line religious groups and nearly two weeks after the assassination of a leading liberal politician who led a public campaign to change the laws.

“We are not going to amend them,” Gilani told a gathering at a scheduled appearance in central Pakistan on Monday. “Anyone who says there will be changes is lying.”

I have no proof, but reading between lines, I wonder if the government agreed to leave the blasphemy laws in place in exchange for a cessation of violence from the far right Isalamic groups.

I am quite concerned now that the next placation will be Asia Bibi. I pray that she can still be pardoned and leave the country with her family.