Uganda Monitor covers the Bahati trip to DC; is visa valid? UPDATED

UPDATE: Bahati is a no-show at the ICGFM conference. ICGFM spokeman Doug Hadden told me that some delegates from Uganda are attending but Mr. Bahati has apparently not made an attempt to enter.

12/7/10 – Mr. Bahati emailed me this morning to say he is in DC. I know he is doing some media as well.

Interesting claim that Bahati’s visa is specifically for the event he now cannot attend. What happens when he is unable to enter? Bahati commented on the situation:

“I know US as a defender of democracy in the world and can differentiate between the efforts of a legislator in a democratic parliament from acts of dictatorship,” he [Bahati] said. Unlike other MPs, the American mission in Kampala gave him a single-entry visa specifically for the event.

Mr Bahati and five other MPs are scheduled to attend a financial management conference of practitioners in the US starting tomorrow. The gays also want to demonstrate at the venue of the meeting to show their distaste of the Bill and Mr Bahati. But Mr Bahati said he would continue with his trip.