Now an Anti-Pornography Bill; Uganda’s Plan B

According to this Afrik-News article, the Ugandan government is set to criminalize pornography. Scott Lively would approve. He told his Ugandan audience in March, 2009 that straight porn leads to homosexuality. Hon. Nsaba Buturo agrees:

“Pornography breeds homosexuality. I am happy that finally a bill to curb pornography in Uganda is out to punish the promoters of the vice. The draft bill is already in cabinet for discussion” Nsaba Buturo said.

According to the bill, any person found guilty of dealing in pornographic materials risks paying heavy fines or a 10-year jail sentence or both.

“The days of the homosexuals are over. The bill is good news to all morally upright Ugandans saying that pornography has contributed to moral decay and increased crimes among Ugandans,” he added.

While addressing the press in Kampala on Wednesday, the Minister of Uganda for Ethics and Integrity, Dr. James Nsaba Buturo said that Pornography is the mother of vice and so there is need to stop it immediately.

Buturo may have to do his crusading as a private citizen since he was defeated in his party primary. Again according to the article:

Dr. James Nsaba Buturo attacked homosexuals who celebrated his defeat in primary elections for his ruling political party in his constituency, saying they “sponsored my rivals and even helped in cheating the votes. But I have appealed to the party electoral commission.”

It is funny to think there is a massive gay vote that could topple Buturo in Uganda. Be interesting to see how this plays out. Most of the rest of the article is flawed but I suspect that most of the quotes attributed to Buturo are correct.

If I can find a copy of the draft, I will post it.