Kuchus in the news

Not sure if I have used that term before to refer to homosexuals in Uganda but it appears in Huffington Post via an article by Mark Canavera.

The kuchu movement is abuzz in Uganda. Kuchu is a (plural: kuchus) word, apparently of Swahili origin, that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) Ugandans have minted to describe their identities. “We do not use the word ‘queer,'” explains Frank Mugisha, chairman of Sexual Minorities Uganda, an umbrella entity that brings together LGBTI organizations for advocacy purposes. “We’ve got our own word that encompasses the whole idea: kuchu.”

I appreciate that Canavera says that “Most American evangelical churches have distanced themselves” from the bill. He also notes that Canyon Ridge Christian Church has not done so. Indeed, Canyon Ridge has added insult to injury by misrepresenting the bill in such a way that their congregants are publicly defending a false picture (see Change.org “be informed” commenter).

Anyway for a brief summary of what is going on in Uganda among opponents of the bill, see Canavera’s article.