Vanguard extra: David Bahati says American evangelicals secretly agree with Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Mariana van Zeller posted some extended footage of interviews conducted for the documentary, Missionaries of Hate. Here is her description of this interview with David Bahati:

An exclusive, extended interview with David Bahati, the Ugandan member of parliament who introduced the anti-gay bill calling for use of the death penalty. Correspondent Mariana van Zeller asks Bahati about his reaction to President Obama’s and Rev. Rick Warren’s condemnation of the bill, how he would respond if had a gay family member, and his belief that Uganda may have been chosen by God to fight this “spiritual battle.”

I was struck by Bahati’s confidence that American evangelicals secretly agree with his bill and his approach. He expresses the view that the opposition here is not genuine because American evangelicals are telling him privately to continue with his approach.

I want to know, who are these evangelicals? Who is lying? He is saying clearly that some people who are publicly opposing the bill are secretly telling them they favor it. It is jarring for a man to invoke God while at the same time say that his supporters in America are lying to the public. Fess up, name names, who is playing to the crowds?