Janet Porter’s show removed from Christian network

There is a lot here that I will add to as I get time. First, the big news. You recall Janet Porter’s prayer to take over the media? Here it is again:

She may need to work a little harder on that because she is having some trouble with the Christian media. Last week, her show Faith2Action was removed from the VCY America network due to concerns over her growing dominionist theology. Early last week, Vic Eliason, head of the network did a program which exposed their concerns.* These are the same concerns I have been expressing regarding the theological underpinnings of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

Here is the VCY Network message on the dismissal:

Faith2Action Discontinued

Because of the long standing of Faith2Action on VCY America, which has provided satellite services, air time, production, and line fees without charge, we know there will be many who will question its discontinuance.

VCY has been wrestling for months with the drift of the program toward “dominion theology” and ecumenism.

The following links bring up articles which describe the issues in detail

The Coalescing of the Religious Right with Apostolic Dominionism

May Day Prayers: What Repentance?

This has not been an easy decision, but a line has been crossed that VCY America cannot ignore. Faith2Action has chosen to go in a direction that is not consistent with the biblical position of VCY America.

Janet Porter replied on her website.

In my view, she doesn’t really address the dominionist approach she promoted at the May Day 2010 rally, nor public calls for God to take control of the media. For all accounts I have seen, the May Day 2010 rally was not well attended, with perhaps 300 present; far fewer than the projected 8000.

*Listening to the program, you will hear some things that are really of no concern (e.g., worship music, stadium rallies, small groups). There is a tendency in this program to identify most of what dominionist teachers are doing and call that dominionism. One can miss the main theological and practical concern which is that the church is responsible to save nations via takeovers of governments and that via this activity we “release” Jesus to rule and reign on earth now. An aspect of the program that I believe to be valuable was the warnings to evangelicals that alliances with just anyone against perceived threats will dilute the main purpose of the church. I believe that groups can elevate their opposition to social issues above the real work of the church.

Stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “Janet Porter’s show removed from Christian network”

  1. Is she actually praying to God or giving a long sermon with her eyes closed?? Yikes!

  2. Please, no unseemly Schadenfreude. Ms Porter’s got what she deserves. Let’s leave it at that and see what help we can give to others, and what harm these people have done that we can undo.

    While most people into Dominionism are in it for the ego-trip, with the senior people into it for the power, and the most senior for the money… many are not, I’d say that most of the rank-and-file are actually in it for all the highest of motives.

    While there are many who do harm, few are actually evil. And remember what was said about motes in others eyes, and beams in our own. Showing lack of kindness at another’s downfall is uncharitable, unless they are real monsters. Few are.

  3. I almost sent you a link on Porters and the link to the article, “The Coalescing of the Religious Right with Apostolic Dominionism,” after I read it yesterday. I’m not sure how I managed to come across it now. I understand that the idea of ‘dominionism’ is not a Christian principle (though some of my Catholic relatives might think differently); even so the idea is one that drives evangelism and conversion in some countries. Is this the only reason why some evangelicals are drawn to the idea?

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