Celebration of Being: A new way to ex-gay?

Recently, Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality (JONAH) sent an email with the subject line “Specially Priced Workshops” offering a workshop called the Noble Man in collaboration with a group called Celebration of Being. The event is also offered on the JONAH website. The email offered special prices for combining the Celebration of Being and Noble workshops ($1420.00 for both weekends!). The rationale and promised results are:

Offered by The Celebration of Being and the Jonah Institute

Why is this particular combination of experiential-learning weekends great for couples? Because it permits couples to experience deep emotional breakthroughs where each other’s authentic needs are recognized and honored.

At the Celebration of Woman workshop, the female partner will learn to:
• Step into the power, beauty and radiance of being a woman
• Tap into her deepest feminine essence and her fullest potential as a woman
• Open up her being, so she can share all these gifts with the man she loves

At the Noble Man workshop, the male partner will learn to:
• Feel and act empowered around women
• Open his heart and trust his purpose as a man in the presence of women
• Share these gifts with the woman he loves to truly honor and embrace her

Extra Bonus for the Woman who attends:
If the female partner participates in the “Celebration of Woman” workshop, she qualifies to help facilitate the men’s Noble Man weekend at a reduced rate and thus gain greater insight into the issues faced by her man.

By combining and attending the two workshops, the couple will:
• Build a deeper base of understanding between them
• Deepen their trust in each other
• Open them up emotionally to each other and ignite feelings of passion and joy for them.

To me, this had the sounds of a New Warriors Training Adventure ad so I investigated a little further. The Celebration of Being is a venture of Rajyo Hartman and Britta Johnson, both followers of the teacher, Osho (osho.com). The Celebration of Being:

…is committed to represent the leading edge of our evolving humanity, while holding a space for the tender transformation of everyone’s hearts.

Our Rites of Passage workshops, Goddess Workshops for women, trainings and individual coaching guide you to heal the issues that have kept you separate from yourself and others, find your special purpose here on Earth, and provide you with a tangible experience of your unique connection with the Divine.

We are dedicated to the discovery of the true essence of the feminine and masculine, and the healing of man and woman. We believe in an embodied spirituality, and are committed to the Awakening of all through our goddess workshops and more.

On the front page, the Celebration of the Noble Man workshop was listed with no mention of JONAH. The experience is promoted as a way to heal those mother wounds.

The Noble Man workshop is a three and a half day Intensive for men who wish to heal their issues with women. It is a profound process of being supported and honored by experienced women holding an unconditional space of acceptance, loving kindness and devotion. This is a safe environment for you to express and explore your fears, wounds and resentments around the feminine, and to let go of whatever is in the way of you relating from a space of presence, openness and integrity.

Given that the reparative drive theorist believes that gayness derives from the “classic triadic pattern” of the domineering mother and cold distant father, I suspect the workshop is provided by Jonah in order get gay men to repair the mother corner of that triangle. The New Warrior experience addresses the dad issues and perhaps this will be the new way to repair the mom issues.

As with New Warriors and the ex-gay movement, this seems like an odd collaboration. JONAH takes a pretty conservative view of homosexuality and is recommended by conservative Christians as the Jewish ex-gay group. JONAH is recommended on the new Facts About Youth website which says it is non-religious. Celebration of Being on the other hand, while apparently open to a wide range of spirtual influences, does not seem to be opposed to homosexuality. In fact, the founders of the CoB support a Celebration of the Gay Nobleman workshop in collaboration with Michael Sigmann. Johnson and Markman are listed as facilitators for that workshop which sounds a lot like the one JONAH is supporting, except without the gay.

Additional information: PFOX hearts them some Celebration of Being too.

11 thoughts on “Celebration of Being: A new way to ex-gay?”

  1. Ann,

    Please forgive me – you asked me a question several days ago that I never got around to answering due to my work week and tax day. Now I cannot seem to remember the question or find it in the mess of this thread – would you mind asking me again and I will do my best to answer it 🙂

  2. A number of years ago I brought JIM and New Warriors to the attention of Exodus leaders because I found both to be inconsistent with Christian beliefs. It should be noted that the makeup of Exodus ministries comprises many voices and views, and many people swear by these options, so I think my views were a lone voice in the wilderness. It seems that Exodus reflects Evangelical Christianity in its wacky extreems. It is not a church, so it has very little pastoral or elder oversight, but relies on a collective spirtuality that often strays far from authentic orthodox faith. I’ll finish by saying, in my opinion, that the true church is where hope should be found, and parachurch organizations should only be a stopgap measure.

  3. David–

    Use Warren’s search box located on the right side of the page up near the top. Search ‘Journey Into Manhood’…Ted Cox’ adventure did come to Warren’s attention and was discussed here on his blogsite.

  4. Dr. Throckmorton:

    Have you seen the recent investigative piece on “Journey Into Manhood” by journalist Ted Cox? Basically, he is a straight male who went “undercover” for a JiM weekend. Very interesting piece, especially his report on the various techniques used to create a purportedly healthy non-homosexual “male bond” amongst the participants. I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on this.


  5. Isn’t ‘New Age’ approaching Middle Age by now?

    I got lost in the Goddess, the Awakening, the Divine, the Earth (capital E)…probably a God-essence of some sort.

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