6 thoughts on “VIDEO: ABC News Nightline on Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill”

  1. I agree And sometimes it helps if the edcuators aren’t sending the wrong message. Now might be a good time, as much as it hurts, to say directly to the people of Uganda: “We were wrong in what we told you.”

  2. As much as it hurts, sometimes people and cultures have to grow up in their learning instead of just being told.

  3. Yep. Maybe an international ministry to gays could help educate them — if only they had the chance. Pity no one will let them.

  4. Oh my goodness. I know that many of these people have not been through national conversations on both sides of this issue and that the tactic of “grossing” people out is working. Unfortunately, for the lack of conversation people are not educated enough to know that :

    1) Straight people (at least in other cultures) do many of the things being shown – I assume.

    2) That not all gay people engage in such activities

    3) That using fear to mandate a behavior won’t stop that behavior and will drive many people into the closet where they cannot recieve help (for all sorts of things) unwanted homosexuality being only one of them.

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