4 thoughts on “Shankapotamus”

  1. Warren – you’ve now been labelled a Heretic. Congratulations.

    On a more serious note though… please be careful. The AFTAH has cried crocodile tears in the past when some of their more … extreme… followers have taken concrete action against their ideological foes.

    Please join me in praying for Warren Throckmorton, for his repentance, and also for his duplicitous dealings to be revealed so no further harm is done to our precious and impressionable kids.

    That’s a call for direct action. And I don’t mean prayer. They don’t call it a “Hate Group” for nothing.

    Watch your back, OK? I advise you to take some lessons from your female colleagues. Try not to leave after dark. Keep to well-lighted areas. Don’t travel alone. Learn to be afraid enough to keep safe, not enough for it to significantly affect your life.

    As far as they’re concerned, you are an “honourary gay” now. An uppity one.

    And I’d rather look like a complete idiot for being overly paranoid than not warning you about these people. Please look at my track record, and assessments of various groups over the years I’ve been posting here. The vast majority who oppose any form of gay rights on religious grounds are good people I disagree with, that’s all. AFTAH though… are nasty. Not so much them, as fringe fanatics who heed their call to arms.

    It’s not personal, just business. It’s how they raise funds.

  2. Lindsey is a free spirit on a ten second delay – GOOD FOR HER – she rocks! Every girl needs a little Lindsey in her to balance out the neurosis of the other girl in the video 🙂

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