CPAC in civil war over homosexuality

The Conservative Political Action Conference is meeting now and really went viral today with Ryan Sorba’s rant about homosexuals and natural law. Here is the exchange. Surprising to me, he was booed off the stage.

I want to address this issue further but for now, my observation is that this episode is a data point supporting my contention that conservatives are on civil (ok, uncivil) war over homosexuality. Some want to make demonization of gays a litmus test for being a social conservative and others want to get away from this stance.

Check out this reaction from the conservative blog Hot Air.

6 thoughts on “CPAC in civil war over homosexuality”

  1. hm, should be noted that apparently was being booed before he even started to speak.

    never even got to speak about what he was there for.


  2. Evidently we are just afterthoughts at CPAC and for only 1% of them at most. See the CPAC Straw Polls in which nearly half (48%) were cast by students (56% were under age 25). “Other” got more votes than gay marriage!

  3. Alan, any chance that Exodus will make your personal stance against criminalization and forced “treatment” OFFICIAL EXODUS POLICY == which ALL Exodus members and affiliates agree to abide by — whether or not they are “representing”: Exodus? What’s the hold up?

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