Church of Uganda releases statement on Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Christianity Today has a statement from the Church of Uganda regarding what they like and what they don’t like about the bill.

Actually, the only thing they want to change is the reporting requirement. They want to

Ensure that the law protects the confidentiality of medical, pastoral and counseling relationships, including those that disclose homosexual practice in accordance with the relevant professional codes of ethics.

Other than that, they want to make it more clear that homosexuality is against the law. The CT piece mentions a longer document but gives no link to it. If I can find it, I will post that as well. For opponents of the bill, this is not encouraging.

3 thoughts on “Church of Uganda releases statement on Anti-Homosexuality Bill”

  1. This will be GREAT fun once heterosexuals start using this against EACH OTHER.

    Claiming that their ex-husband or ex-wife or virtually anyone they want to get rid of is a gay person.

    And exactly how will this be proven??? By making people engage in gay sex in front of a judge and jury and seeing if their face registers any pleasure???

    Are heterosexuals born with brains these days, or have they evolved past them?

  2. Mandatory reporting.

    A person can still be caught up in a web of lies and deceit should anyone decide to betray their trust.

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