4 thoughts on “Cabinet meeting fails to resolve controversy of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill”

  1. Dr. Throckmorton:

    I am very curious as to what has come of Peter LaBarbera’s call to arms. Since he doesn’t provide numbers on AFTAH’s membership or budget, it is difficult to determine just how large a zombie army he commands. Can you tell us what the response has been to his posting urging loving Christians to call the college to demand your head? Did hundreds call? Dozens? Or perhaps the protest calls were limited to Peter and his mom?

  2. A thought that has been bouncing around in my mind: one perspective has been that the AHB2009 was presented to deflect attention from the blatant corruption of the Ugandan govt. It would be quite ironic if this very bill served to unseat that govt due to the reprecussions from human right advocates and donors in the western world.

  3. “…put more emphais on rehabilitation…”

    Whose model of “rehabilitation” would be used? One with some actual scientific support regarding its efficacy and potential risks — or the Exodus, International Healing Foundation, Defend the Family model pitched at the Kampala Conference?

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