Ugandan Cabinet meeting considers Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Here is a video report from NTV in Uganda regarding a Ugandan Cabinet meeting where the Anti-Homosexuality Bill was debated.

Hon. David Bahati, bill sponsor, signalled some willingness to amend the bill but has been silent about the nature of the changes. Later yesterday a debate on possible changes yielded little fruit.

The committee, to be chaired by local government minister Adolf Mwesige, will come up with a proposal that will be forwarded to the legal, parliamentary, presidential and foreign affairs committees.

“It was a heated debate for over two hours. Those who expressed reservations fear the cutting of aid by western governments,” said a source who preferred anonymity.

“Those for it argued that we need to maintain our independence and values as a country,” the source added.

There were 21 Cabinet members in the meeting.

While broadly supported domestically, the 2009 anti-homosexuality Bill has caused a tempest abroad and anxiety from western donors who fund a large chunk of Uganda’s budget.

Those opposed to the Bill say it is discriminatory and violates human rights.

ht: BTB