Martin Ssempa plans million man march to support Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

From Reuters via the New York Times:

KAMPALA (Reuters) – A Ugandan preacher with close ties to U.S. evangelicals and President Yoweri Museveni’s family said on Friday he planned to organise a “million-man” march in February to support a proposed anti-gay law in parliament.

The east African nation has faced intense pressure from Western governments and human rights groups over anti-homosexuality legislation tabled in parliament as a private members’ bill last year.

Museveni seemed to distance himself and the government from the proposed law on Tuesday, saying it was a foreign policy issue and calling for more talks. The ex-rebel leader said he had been under pressure from Western leaders.

“We want to show how many people support the bill,” Pastor Martin Ssempa told journalists in the Ugandan capital.

“We want to give a postcard that (Museveni) can send to his friend (U.S. President) Barack Obama,” Ssempa said in front of posters saying “Africans Unite Against Sodomy” and “Barack Obama Back Off.” He said the march was planned for February 17.

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Ugandan readers: Is this a real test for Museveni? Will legislators there fall on their sword over this bill?

5 thoughts on “Martin Ssempa plans million man march to support Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill”

  1. kanbte,

    All leadersip does come from God but with a caveat, that if you abuse it, you’ll have to answer ultimately to the final authority. Funny how opposition politicians are complicit in passing a bill that will ultimately be used to hang them with. A false witness here, another there………..and hey presto you are in jail. Nevermind if you insist on opposition, then you’ll be labelled an intransigent gay, and then before you know it , it’s the hangman’s noose!

    We have far more pressing problems in the country, why not legislate against defilement, it’s almost a national pass time, do I hear any uproar against that? Noooooooo…………………………apparently it’s an acceptable and expected practice!

  2. Oh God have mercy on us all. Amen.

    sometimes i look and wonder what, where and when this planet earth is going to turn to God.

    My request and prayer to God is to instill knowledge to all ma brothers and sister about the dangers of evil.

    And sometimes wonder why people have to blame others, but still, to all of you who hate Pastor Ssempa and Bahati am sorry for you, for God is yet to turn this planet in just a second and everything will done like in BC when all those in Gomorrah and sodomy where burnt to death.

    You should also stop blaming Our dear President Museveni,why is it after all this happened that u start blaming him, you should remember leadership come from God alone.

    Turn to God.

  3. Yeah, was it in the last eletion that FDC opponent, Besyige (sp?), and 20 or so others wer arrested and charged with rape, terrorism and treason, then only released a month before the election. Then when the parliament tried to get the head of prisons to tell them why he wouldn’t release the 20 who had been granted bail, he said something to the effect that he had get the military’s permission. I think the military even held a raid on the High Court. Add that all up and Museveni still appears to be in collusion with the military to circumvent human rights in Uganda. If that is the way a Christian is supposed to act no wonder another Christian, Bahati, wrote his bill to silence people’s right to speech. So much for god-given rights.

  4. Uganda is no democracy. The bill came into parliament with the tacit approval of the President. And, it was a Private Members bill because the govt wanted to be able to effectively wash their hands off it.

    For the last 2-3months, the govt sat back as the foreign affairs were taken over by Buturo and Ssempa. I have a feeling that it is starting to irk the President. He does not like being out of control. So, this may be a test as to how far he is willing to let his surrogates challenge him. Because if there is a march, it will be a challenge to the president.

    I think Ssempa is over reaching. I am not sure, but that is what I think. I am betting that he will suddenly find that he has no permission for the march. There are other things that he is not considering.

    Anyway, allowing or not allowing Ssempa’s march will be one true indicator of whether or not Museveni will allow this bill to become law. He does want a semblance of popular support. But not real challenge.

    As to whether it is a real challenge to his leadership. Ha. That is a laugh. In Uganda, if the incumbent doesnt win elections, he rigs. So, he wins again…!

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