Haiti: How to help

There are many ways to help but I want to list several here:

Donate $10 to the Red Cross to be charged to your cell phone bill by texting “HAITI” to “90999.” 

  • Contribute online to the Red Cross
  • World Vision
  • Salvation Army
  • Doctors without Borders
  • Friends of the Orphans
  • Find more ways to help through the Center for International Disaster Information. (This website is quite slow, probably due to traffic)
  • My church, the Evangelical Free Church in America has this portal for more information and a way to help.

    I know there are many church groups who are reaching out. Commenters, if you hear of credible, reliable sources and initiatives, please post them.

    And. Pray.

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    1. I do know that some Fox News commentators were not pleased with his comments. Some are asking for him to stop pretending he is a prophet.

    2. Partners in Health seems to be well connected in Haiti already and since its Haitian partner, Zanmi Lasante, has some facilities outside the main quake area that were not severely affected it may be well placed to give aid effectively.

      Doctors without Borders is also already present in Haiti though they lost many of their facilities. Their doctors have been working relentlessly with what they have.

      Admittedly they both seem neutral as regards religious affiliation.

    3. BTW, many christians that I know, ignore Pat Robertson because he has accussed so many of disaster that he has lost his credibility. What happens when his house falls? What comment will he make then?

      Anyhow, we can see the rush and call to aid is being led by good people – some of them are christians, some of them are not.

    4. There are many Christian organization that have been caught in the aftermath of this disaster because of the good work they have been doing in Haiti for many years. For someone to suggest otherwise is just another example of the ignorance that is often presented in attempts to make political points when compassion is all that is required.

    5. No, you cannot assume anything about what Christians think by listening to Pat Robertson.

      You can say THAT again!!!

    6. http://www.tonycampolo.org is a reputable group that has been helping in Haiti for some time. His organization already has a network set up there. If you are looking for tangible ways to help Haiti, please visit his site.

      BTW, he wrote the book Red Letter Christians.

      They will know we are Christians by our love.

    7. One of the largest and wealthiest Christian organizations in the world has declared that the Haitian earthquake is a “blessing in disguise” and that Haiti’s suffering is the result of a pact that Haitians made with Satan some 200 years ago.

      To my knowledge, despite widespread media coverage of these declarations, not one major church or Christian organization has repudiated this position. We can thus conclude that this is the consensus view among Christians. Coupled with the Christian origins of the Uganda bill, a picture begins to emerge of how Christianity, as practiced in 21st century America, views the value of human life.

      1. Timothy2 – No, you cannot assume anything about what Christians think by listening to Pat Robertson. My first impression is that Christian groups are too busy trying to get in there and help to take time to condemn Robertson.

        No, the only picture emerging is the one you are painting. Impressionism style.

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