One thought on “Voice of America program on Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill”

  1. Good evening SHAKA,

    First I would to say happy new year Bwana Shaka and to commend you for keeping the African hopes alive through the straight talk Africa show, thank you.

    I attentively listened yesterday to the show and my take is that the Anti-homosexuality bill is for the good of people of Uganda necessary to protect Uganda’s children from being recruited into homosexuality and Africa at large.

    Reliable research shows that HIV can be transmitted through homos, so putting in place the anti-homosexuality bill is to protect further spread of the HIV pandemic as well as defending our treasured cultural values in Uganda and Africa as whole, its also against God’s purpose of creating man and woman for pro-creation, homosexuality is also a crippling ‘disease’.Thus

    I stand by the bill.

    However am against the proposed legislation reportedly that seeks to strengthen the criminalization of homosexuality in Uganda by introducing the death penalty for people who are considered serial offenders, are suspected of “aggravated homosexuality” and are HIV-positive, or who engage in sexual acts with those under 18 years of age. Am of a view that the people suspected/caught in the act be put under in rehabilitation centre for intensive counseling and followup so that they are helped to drop the vice other than killing them. For those not willing to drop the vice be imprisoned for life instead of a death penalty; those HIV positive be given on-going supportive counseling, care and treatment , then rehabilitation and life imprisonment can be applied accordingly.

    There has been the issue of child sacrifice since 2008 which has spread like bush fire, people are implicated,caught and put in prison without judgment why can’t such people be given the death penalty, Shaka?

    A husband maliciously kills the wife/children or wife kills husband/children by burning with petrol, pouring acid or using machets and nothing is done to such people. why can’t the death penalty be for such people?

    Last year schools were burnt east, west; right, left , centre, people lost their precious lives and property like the Budo fire where 22 young,innocent, energetic, vibrant children looking at a bright future all perished. people implicated have never been brought to book, death penalty could be for such people.


    Thank you


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