Scott Lively endorses a revised Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill

I have yet to see an actual revision, Lively proclaimed his support for one on his website today, saying in a release dated Jan 10:

A leading U.S. based pro-family NGO has today endorsed the Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill after it was revised to remove its unacceptable provisions and to add a provision offering treatment to sufferers of same-sex attraction. Dr. Scott Lively of Defend the Family International, who advised the Ugandan Parliament on the issue of homosexuality in March rejected the prior version of the bill because it contained extremely harsh punishments including the death penalty and life imprisonment for certain forms of “aggravated homosexuality” such as adult/child incest and sexual abuse of the disabled. It also focused entirely on punishment and not rehabilitation as Dr. Lively had urged. However, as was reported today by, the Ugandan bill has been revised to remove these extreme sanctions and add a provision for therapy of homosexuality. The revised bill will soon go to a vote of the Parliament.

Lively is apparently referring to this Bloomberg report. That article is not terribly specific but apparently talk of a revision is good enough for him.

6 thoughts on “Scott Lively endorses a revised Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill”

  1. He drew a circle that shut me out —

    Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.

    But love and I had the wit to win:

    We drew a circle that took him in.

    Edwin Markham

    I know this is what Christ expects, but I must confess I am having a real hard time doing it. I just can’t extend my circle that far. Maybe only Jesus can.

  2. Who is next?

    Perhaps the marijuana users.

    Note: It appears that both the death penalty and life imprisonment are out (hence the theme ‘revised’ in the title of this post). Even Lively has suggested that perhaps penalties should be similar to marijuana usage. While I realize that that is still criminalization, playing the pink triangle imagery is incredibly hyperbolic and it minimizes the horrific treatment meted out to gays under Nazi rule.

  3. If fascists are using LGBTs in a small country on the other side of the world as a pilot project, what is next for all people? Who is next?

    Is there the threat of the return of the pink triangle to world governments? The Ugandan Parliament shows a dogged determination to pass the death legislation for gays. What trends politically might this spark in other parts of the world? And how quickly -in the age of electronic communications and other new technologies?

    Minnesota-Uganda Day of International Support

  4. Warren:

    This conclusion concerns me:

    That article is not terribly specific but apparently talk of a revision is good enough for him.

    You seem to be inferring that Lively’s support of the new bill is based solely on the summary provided in the story. (“apparently talk of a revision is good enough for him.)

    Elsewhere, though, in Lively’s continued commentary from your ‘his website’ link, he references ‘every element of the revised bill’. I agree he may have been talking sloppily but I also recognize that you may be commenting sloppily. The fact that Lively said

    However, as was reported today by, the Ugandan bill has been revised

    is not a clear reference that that was his source. It’s quite possible that, through his connections, he had access to the entire revised text and he cited the report in to authenticate that there was indeed a revised bill on the table.

  5. And Bahati himself either doesn’t know what is in the bill or is lying about it; he was recently quoted in an article on (though I sometimes wonder about the timeliness of such articles on these sites):

    “The pro-gays have made the world believe that whoever will be found guilty of getting involved in homosexuality will be sentenced to death. No. Only when an adult forces a child or someone under the age of 18 into homosexuality, that is where death penalty should apply,” he continued.

    According to him, he has the support of most Members of Parliament and they are collectively pushing on the bill. He said he can not withdraw the bill as some government officials are considering to request him to do.

    Too bad he doesn’t know the difference between pederasty and homosexuality though.

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