4 thoughts on “Scott Lively’s nuclear bomb in Uganda”

  1. Yes, well? Haven’t we been telling you the kind of company you’ve been keeping?

    *SIGH* You’re far too good a person, Warren. I thought I was naive, trusting, believing in Humanity’s essential goodness. I still do, by the way.

    But I make exceptions when the evidence becomes overwhelming. No, they are not misled, or in error, they do not mean well. Or perhaps they do, and see themselves doing God’s work, so no enormity, no barbarity, no amount of falsehood is impermissible.

    I try to think once, twice, and three times before castigating someone like this. Nearly always, someone who I am against is merely mistaken, and sometimes it is I who am mistaken. People of goodwill can disagree.

    There comes a time though when you have to recognise Evil when you see it.

  2. Has anyone ever interviewed or do they know his FOO siblings etc…???? I am interested in knowing their thoughts on their brother. And are his parents alive? Was Lively molested as a child or teenager? What organizations and churches did he belong to as a child or young man?

  3. “I know more about this than almost anybody in the world.”

    Could someone please repost Mr. Lively’s credentials. Attorney?

    It is personal to him…several members of his family are SSA and gay identified…his motivations have been personal…but I doubt his family members are NAZIS.

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