AFP: Ugandan President Museveni opposes the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Well this is a noteworthy development:

WASHINGTON — The United States said Friday it is urging the Ugandan leadership to block a bill calling for draconian measures against homosexuals, warning it would be a setback in fighting AIDS.

Johnnie Carson, the assistant secretary of state for African affairs, told reporters that he has urged President Yoweri Museveni twice since October “to do everything he can to stop this particular legislation.”

Carson, who earlier briefed groups representing gays, lesbians and transgender individuals about the situation, noted that the Ugandan president has the power to veto any legislation.

The top US diplomat for African affairs said the bill, if passed, would not only violate human rights, it would also “undermine the fight” against HIV and AIDS by stigmatizing homosexual acts.

He added that it is premature for US government to consider withdrawing aid from Uganda because Museveni himself said he does not support the legislation and the battle is not yet lost. (emphasis mine)

Let’s wait and see…