Richard Cohen on the Rachel Maddow Show

I will embed the video when it is available. For now, here are some observations on the segment regarding Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill and the appearance of Richard Cohen.

Maddow began with a summary of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill and attempts to link the Family and the bill. She described the March conference and then interviewed Cohen.

Cohen said his work has been misrepresented. He said that he is totally against the Ugandan bill. That was the high spot.  

Richard said he did not portray homosexuals as predators. He scoffed at this. However, Rachel Maddow read to him page 49 from Coming Out Straight where Cohen quotes Paul Cameron. I noted this section earlier today

Cohen said he plans to remove the Cameron quotes when he reprints the book. She then quoted a recent newsletter where Cohen again accused gays of targeting children.

Maddow then read from page 75 of Gay Children, Straight Parents where Cohen completes a list of 10 factors regarding why people are gay. Under other factors, he listed “divorce, death of a parent, adoption, religion, race, rejection by opposite sex peers.”

Cohen first was skeptical that he included race in his book which led her to read it directly from the book. He eventually admitted that race was not a factor.  

It was actually painful to listen to Cohen’s protests of being misunderstood. He says he does not stigmatize people with SSA and then he quotes Paul Cameron’s “studies.” He says he doesn’t cure but then he says homosexuality is a psychological problem. He says race is a factor and then takes it back.

When the video is available, I will put it up…

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