Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill sponsors selected for “servant leadership team”

Something is not right here:

MP Warned against witchcraft

By Francis Emorut

MEMBERS of Parliament have been warned against witchcraft and corrupt tendencies.

“You should not consult witchdoctors for success but instead seek help from God,” Dr. Fred Hartley, the president of the College of Prayer International, said.

“I know witchcraft is a big problem in Uganda but as MPs, you should be exemplary,” he said.

Hartley was speaking during a prayer meeting for parliamentarians at Fairway Hotel in Kampala on Tuesday.

The MPs underwent a two-day training on how to pray with impact.

“You have to confront the enemy, Satan, using God’s authority,” Hartley told MPs.

The legislators were told to seek first the Kingdom of God before seeking earthly materials and forgive one another irrespective of their political affiliation.

Hartley explained to the MPs that the Kingdom of God involves righteousness, joy, peace and the Holy Spirit. He told the MPs that if they prayed in line with the Kingdom of God they would be able to cast out demons.

“True signs of wonders will follow if you pray in truth. The blind will see, the lame will walk and the deaf will hear,” he said.

During testimonies, Soroti Woman MP Alice Alaso (FDC) testified that Apostle Julius Oyet prophesied in 2000 at Lugogo stadium that she would win elections in 2001.

“Indeed, I won elections without spending money and I will continue doing so,” Alaso said.

MP Benson Obua (UPC) testified that he prayed for a pregnant woman who had spent three days in labour and was about to undergo caesarean section and she gave birth normally.

After the prayer meeting, eight MPs were selected to be in the servant leadership team for Parliament for three years.

They included Ruth Tuma, Alice Alaso, Beatrice Lagada, Moses Ntahobari, Capt. Grace Kyomugisha, Benson Obua, David Bahati and the East African legislative assembly MP, Maj. Gen Mugisha Muntu.

Benson Obua and David Bahati are the two sponsors of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009.

Read the bill here.

Join those who are speaking out in opposition here.

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14 thoughts on “Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill sponsors selected for “servant leadership team””

  1. Frank…. I don’t believe that a second. Afterall the stated position of the Catholic Church is that homosexual conduct should be decriminalized.

  2. Lynn David,

    The from the CDF defining the phrase “unjust discrimination” is a position paper written for Cardinal Ratzinger on how to JUSTIFY various forms of discrimination against homosexuals. In this context, “every sign of unjust discrimination towards homosexual persons should be avoided” pretty much means: “When you beat them, make sure you don’t leave visible marks.”

  3. So conservative Anglicans are supporting this pogrom. This would seem to be a public relations disaster for them.

  4. Cultural and religious underpinnings:

    Explicitly condemning and criminalizing Same Sex behavior may be a means of unifying a country equally split between Sunni Muslims and Christians…

    Fundamentalists on both sides would agree.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    I think this is another reason this legislation will pass.

    (forgive me if someone has already made this point elsewhere).

  5. Wow – it never fails to amaze me how religion is constantly used to debase and criminalize those groups of people that its followers do not like/agree with. It makes me ashamed to be a Christian sometimes and only adds fodder to those who are already suspicious of that religion. Is this the “fruit” we are producing? I can’t believe there are Christians out there supporting this “Bill”

  6. Ann…. I am not sure what he means by recruiting – I have observed that the word, used in this context, could also mean to endorse rather than object to.

    That’s not what Orombi meant nor is it what my own state senator meant when he wrote in a 2004 flyer to voters here that “gays recruit.” I’m sorry you cannot see the lies these people try to proliferate about gay people. Let me put it to you this way. If Orombi doesn’t mean that older gay men are defiling youngsters in order to make them homosexual, then why doesn’t he explain it – because that is exactly the knowledge spreading in Uganda among the people. If you don’t believe that read the Facebook group in support of the bill. Orombi either lies in fact or lies by omission of speaking the truth.


    BTW…. my post was more about the “watchmen on the wall” phrase as Lively has been associated with the Watchmen on the Walls group, for instance when Lively tried to resurrect the OCA:

    Lively’s reason to believe the OCA could return from dormancy to its glory days of the early 1990s, when it claimed to have more than 3,400 members and earned national notice for getting anti-gay measures on the state ballot, are immigrants from the former Soviet Union who haven’t yet been indoctrinated by American culture.


    “There is a fairly sizable Russian population in Portland who is not poisoned to the OCA. That’s a good place to start,” Lively says. “They weren’t poisoned by the sexual revolution.”


    Lively, a longtime OCA leader, introduced five members from the group the Watchmen on the Walls—an international network of Christian activists dedicated to fighting what it calls “the homosexual agenda”—to show a video of their movement in parts of the former Soviet Union.


    The 45-minute video, which repeatedly refers to homosexuals as “terrorists,” shows how conservative Latvians successfully stopped gays from marching in their capital, Riga. (European news reports show anti-gay demonstrators throwing feces on the gays.)


    The video also features Alexei Ledyaev—a Kazakhstan-born Baptist pastor and leader of the New Generation Church, whose satellite broadcasts claim an audience of more than 200 million people—leading large crowds in chants of “In the name of Jesus Christ, we curse the name of homosexuality!”


    As OCA members cheered the video and chanted, “Amen,” I tried not to laugh out loud at the one-sided images, which portrayed gay men as leather-clad deviants, whipping and licking one another in public.

  7. The concept yes, but beyond that no. Are you?

    Yes, I will write you tomorrow or Monday – late right now leaving for the airport =-0

  8. Lynn David,

    I am not sure what he means by recruiting – I have observed that the word, used in this context, could also mean to endorse rather than object to. Similar to the interpretation that most people had/have about how Kevin Jennings handled Brewster or other counselors who encourage children/teenagers who come to them with a confused sexual identity issue and they are told they should accept this as an identity because that is the way they are and there are no other alternatives. I wouldn’t call that recruiting but I know others would.

  9. When CoU Archbishop Orombi said:

    I am appalled to learn that the rumours we have heard for a long time about homosexual recruiting in our schools and amongst our youth are true. I am even more concerned that the practice is more widespread than we originally thought. It is the duty of the church and the government to be watchmen on the wall and to warn and protect our people from harmful and deceitful agendas.

    Was it the teaching of Scott Lively that crept into his thinking?

  10. Warren–

    It’s late…but still…I struggled to find the point of this post. Trying to stay on topic is very difficult when I can’t figure out what you’re trying to say or what you’re hoping we’ll talk about. Witchcraft? Pentecostals? And possibly, it’s just an FYI…something you don’t expect comment about.

  11. So freedom of religion in Uganda means only if the religion is based upon Abraham?


    It appears that since the Ugandan Catholic Archbishop has in a recent speechurged the government of Uganda to fight … homosexuality,” that Lwanga means government should use its power to make laws to criminalize homosexuality. Thus is is clear that Archbishop Lwanga has no compunction about violating the directives of his superior, the Holy See, which has instead stated, “that every sign of unjust discrimination towards homosexual persons should be avoided and urges States to do away with criminal penalties against them.” So much for submission to authority, the hallmark of the Roman Catholic Church.

    In other news from the Uganda People News (UgPulse):

    “The Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA) has dismissed allegations that their association is against the recently tabled Anti Homosexuality bill.

    [The chairperson of UWOPA, Jane Alisemera] says that UWOPA backs Anti Homosexual bill. She says the bill seeks to protect the unit of the family and marriage, something the association protects and advocates for.

    MP Alisemera says that UWOPA supports the government to punish people, institutions of learning and organizations which promote homosexuality”

    Posted without seeing what the formatting looks like. But all my tags are ok.

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