Pentecostal Christians join Muslims against gays

I missed this when it first was announced in July, 2009:

Muslims Join Pastors in Gay Fight

Kampala — Muslims have teamed up with their counterparts from the Pentecostal churches to fight homosexuality. The leader of the Muslim Tabliqs, Sheikh Sulaiman Kakeeto, said the issue of homosexuality affects all people regardless of their religious affiliations.

“We have decided to make a bond with our fellow religious leaders to fight homosexuality,” Sheikh Kakeeto said at the launch of a campaign dubbed ‘The National Coalition against Homosexuality and Sexual Abuses in Uganda’ in Kampala on Wednesday. “We want to work together and eliminate sodomy and other forms of sexual abuses in our society.”

The two groups signed an agreement to guide their operations. Sheikh Kakeeto and Sheikh Muhammad Badru, the chairman the National Da’awa Association, signed on behalf of Muslims while pastors Michael Kyazze (Omega Healing Centre), Martin Ssempa (Makerere Community Church) and Solomon Male (Arising for Christ) signed on behalf of born again Christians. Sheikh Kakeeto called on the government to strengthen the law on homosexuality and incarcerate those caught in the act.

Pastor Ssempa said the coalition intends to embark on a campaign to sensitise communities about “the dangers of homosexuality.” “We shall offer counselling, legal and material support to the affected people,” he said.

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda.

What is wrong with this picture? Apparently, more than the Family Life Network is involved. Ssempa was the spokesperson for another group called the Interfaith Rainbow Coalition Against Homosexuality which rallied against gays in 2007. Ssempa has been repeatedly connected to Rick Warren’s Saddleback church and is a campaigner for abstinence programming. I have contacted both Saddleback and Pastor Ssempa to find out their view of the new bill. I did hear from their representatives last night that a statement may be coming soon.